In today’s episode we’re learning from sales leadership coach, consultant and speaker, Julie Holmes as she shares why your identity is key when trying to attract coaching clients and business growth opportunities.

Julie started her corporate life in America the 1990s as a software consultant and over the last 20 years, she has built a track record in the B2B technology industry where she’s been a sales rep, product manager and a Director of Marketing working at a host of companies including the likes of Oracle and tech startups.

Now Julie is coach, consultant and a professional speaker, conducting Keynotes at sales, marketing and entrepreneurial conferences about the value of connecting prospects to products and the role that the entire organisation plays in increasing revenue and growing lifetime value.

Julie was introduced to me virtually by a good friend and although we’d never met before, we just clicked.

We quickly realised that we share many of the same values and beliefs when it comes to the importance of establishing your personal identity, understanding your target market and knowing exactly where you fit in the marketplace — which is exactly what my Kick Starter program can help you with.

In today’s episode Julie shares so many great insights, tips and advice around establishing your personal brand identity and standing out in the marketplace to grow your coaching business.

We had an absolute blast bringing you today’s episode and I really I hope you find value.

In this insightful, motivational and authentic interview you’ll hear about:

  • Julie’s journey from a career in corporate America to becoming a coach, consultant and keynote speaker!
  • How to overcome self-doubt when growing your coaching business
  • The importance of communicating with those closest to you
  • How to tell when things are starting to look up in your coaching business!
  • The highs and lows in Julie’s coaching business and how she deals with them
  • How to get coaching clients from speaking
  • How to attract referrals by having a good understanding of your identity
  • Why having a strong personal brand matters more than ever
  • The importance of having your own coach
  • and so many more value-bombs!


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Books mentioned in today’s show!

Recommended: How to Sell Through Networking and Referrals
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The Exceptional Speaker
Compiled by two of the world s most experienced and honoured professional speakers, Paul du Toit CSP and Alan Stevens FPSA, The Exceptional Speaker reveals the secrets that top speakers use to wow their audiences every time. The Exceptional Speaker will take you from preparation to ovation.

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