My Done-For-You LinkedIn Lead Generation Service is Finally Here!

Need A Consistent Pipeline Of High Quality Leads Coming Into Your Coaching Business Every Month?

Would You Like to Generate 3 – 7 Qualified Leads on Auto-Pilot Every Month with
ZERO Advertising Costs and No Long Contracts?

Ok, you’re in the right place.

Here’s what I achieved in 2017 for my own coaching and consulting business by using LinkedIn in a strategic way

Made 841 Targeted Connections
(that’s 16 per week)

Generated 105 Qualified Leads
(that’s just 2 per week)

 Booked 64 Consultation Calls
(that’s a 61% booking rate)

Worked with 28 Coaches
(that’s a 30% sales conversion rate)


So if You’re Stuck on How To Generate New Leads For Your Coaching Business and You’re Ready To Fix That Problem ASAP Keep Reading…

How I Did it…

I did it by leveraging the most powerful, most overlooked and most under-valued business prospecting tool ever… Linkedin.

And before you say “I tried LinkedIn and it didn’t work” I’m telling you, I generated over £86k of coaching and consulting revenue just from Linkedin last year, for a total cost of less than £10k, so just stay with with me for a moment!

Your biggest advantage right now is that everyone is currently obsessed with Facebook.

Facebook has a place (groups are awesome) but do you really think you’re going to communicate effectively with the stressed owner of a £5m business via a Facebook Ad when it’s next to a photo of his next-door neighbours cat?!

Not impossible but the chances of them seeing it, clicking it and then taking action is VERY slim.

That means Linkedin is pretty much off of most people’s radar, but it won’t be that way forever.

 It’s like when I used to get clicks for £0.01 on Google Adwords back in the day and video views on Facebook for £1 per 1,000 views!

Smart coaches made a fortune by moving quickly to where others were not and LinkedIn really does remind me of those good ol’ days. 

Facebook is not the place to connect with serious decision makers – here’s the proof.

I work with a business coach based in California who coaches the owners of Dental practices.

According to LinkedIn Sales Navigator there are approximately 12,068 Dentists in the state of California.

How many of those do you think are going to click on an Ad on Facebook? 

I can tell you the answer because I’ve tried to reach them with Facebook advertising and it’s around the ZERO mark! 

Linkedin however, virtually all 12,000 Dentists are active and they’re all contactable directly to their mobile phones and computers through LINKEDIN. 

It was via Linkedin that my client closed 12 Dentists on $1,475+ per month in just 4 months.

That’s right I used my LinkedIn strategy and tools to reach out to the Dentists of California on his behalf, and he was turning over $18k per month in less than 120 days because of LINKEDIN.

Are you willing to commit the time to do that? Do you know how to do it properly? I really don’t know, but I’m telling you…It’s possible for anyone to achieve.

If that’s not enough for you to go on, just go and listen to episode number 2 of my podcast for coaches, where my client and world-class business coach, Peter Boolkah, shares how he used LinkedIn to transform his coaching business and his life!

Let’s Look At Some Common Lead Generation Strategies for Coaches

1. Google Adwords

Did you know if someone clicks on your advert for coaching services on Google Ads it will cost you around £30 PER CLICK… plus you’ll face extremely high competition from corporate companies who are even prepared to undercut your prices. 

2. Facebook Advertising 

Depending on your coaching niche, your time and how deep your pockets are, Facebook ads could work for you BUT you’ve got to be prepared to learn the platform, build an audience, test, optimise and spend big to keep a campaign working for you.

3. Direct Mail 

It works great but there’s a big downside here; it’s very expensive to produce and send.

You have to buy a list of relevant marketing data which is probably hit-or-miss and very expensive, or you have to spend months, sometimes years, building the list yourself.

4. Email Marketing 

If you want to send 10,000 emails via your local Chamber of Commerce or local magazine to get a few responses from time-wasters, that’s your doing.

Data protection regulations like GDPR are getting stricter, cold email response rates are at an all time low… I could go on but I think you’re getting the point by now.

In summary, Google is very competitive and expensive. Facebook is complicated, getting expensive and has poor lead-quality for B2B.

On top of this, all of these marketing methods have one “tiny” prerequisite in common and that is the fact you have to be an advance marketer and copywriter to even get close to standing-out from the crowd. Great.

Now let’s look at Why LinkedIn Wins

1. It’s for Business Professionals

LinkedIn was launched on May 5th, 2003 to help business professionals, including coaches, to connect with other business professionals to DO BUSINESS.

It’s was built as a dedicated prospecting tool so you should be using it to PROSPECT EVERY DAY!

2. It’s Everything You Need for FREE

LinkedIn literally gives you a sales page, website, email account and a huge shop window visible to millions of people for FREE. It’s called your LinkedIn profile! It has all the awesome benefits of direct mail (and more!) with none of the cost!

3. 100% of Emails Are Delivered

If you sent out an email to 1,000 prospects right now, only a small handful of people will actually see it, let alone reply or buy.

With LinkedIn you have a 100% delivery rate. It’s an amazing fact that many people don’t understand or take advantage of. Emails (InMails) on LinkedIn bypass the strong spam filters in countries like the USA, UK, Canada and Australia where you can’t send cold emails without breaching some sort of regulation or failing a spam score.

4. Finding and Contacting the Right People is Easy

I mean REALLY easy.

I started my career in marketing when the Yellow Pages was all we had. Even then, I had to cold-call just to find out who the decision maker was. That’s if they never hung-up first!

So the fact that we can quickly find and contact anyone we want to is simply mind-blowing.

Not only does LinkedIn allow you to find the right coaching prospects, you can even message them directly to their mobile phone and email inbox on the spot. Powerful.

Introducing My “Done-For-You” LinkedIn Lead Generation Service

For those coaches who take lead generation seriously, that want results and are fed-up hitting their head against the wall, I’m offering you the chance to have me and my expert team manage every aspect of your Linkedin Lead Generation strategy for you!

Here’s What That Looks Like

1. Your LinkedIn Profile

We’ll optimise your LinkedIn profile and LinkedIn headline so your profile becomes an attractive shop window instead of a closing down sale.

2. Prospecting New Connections

We’ll invite 25-50 of your ideal coching prospects to connect every day (excluding weekends).

 We’ll message your ideal coaching clients with tested proven copy that’s produced thousands of enaged LinkedIn connections, hundreds of clients and five-figure monthly revenues.

3. The Money is in the Follow-Up

We’ll follow up with your prospects until they say they’re interested or they just don’t reply.

 You can expect 3-7 qualified leads every month, these are prospects who want to talk more about your services or are asking you to call them directly.

4. Fixed Monthly Fee

 We’ll do all of this for a fixed monthly fee with zero advertising spend and 100% no hidden expenses or commissions.

This is like having your own sales team calling 25-50 prospects every single day and following up with them multiple times.

If you don’t want to cold-call, you don’t “get” marketing and you really value your time, you will fully appreciate the value of this LinkedIn lead generation service.

Do You Have the Time to Maximise LinkedIn?

On LinkedIn you’re only allowed to contact a fixed amount of prospects every day but if you don’t hit that limit it won’t carry over.

For example, if your limit was 50 prospects per day and you was only reaching out to five, the 45 would NOT carry over to the next day. They are simply wasted.

Successful coaches who are generating leads on LinkedIn are using what is available to them, and if you want results like I get and my clients get, then you need to be doing that too – but that takes time, focus and a good understanding of LinkedIn.

I’m generating leads consistently in my coaching business because I’m maximising what LinkedIn provides – and then some!

You’ might be thinking “I’ll just do this myself” and I’m glad my content has inspired you to take some sort of action at last, but be careful.

 Let’s just be totally honest for a second… I’ve worked with hundreds of time-challenged “anti-networking” coaches and if you’re seriously telling me that you’re 100% committed to learning how to use LinkedIn and advanced marketing tools to generate leads, then I wish you luck!

 The key to successful lead-generation on any channel is efficiency and consistency.

My LinkedIn Lead Generation service will do these time-consuming tasks for you every single day without fail. Generating new contacts and leads while you’re sleeping, playing golf, and ironically, even when you’re coaching!

How many leads have you generated this week who didn’t know who you was last week?

3… 5… 10? Zero?!

 Are you starting to realise why you’ve not been attracting prospects yet?

 What about if 50 new connections found out about you this week who didn’t know you even existed last week… would that be good for business?

What about if 1,000 people found out about your coaching services this month who didn’t know you this time last month?

Are you starting to see how LinkedIn can drive coaching clients now?

If you are, then I’m here to help you use LinkedIn in an advanced, hands-off way. A strategy that is just not possible to implement on your own. I’ll use my proven strategies and premium tools to grow your LinkedIn network and generate coaching leads for you.

There’s a link below for you to book a call with me if you know this is exactly what you need.

Before you schedule your time with me, let me explain what needs to happen on the call as the demand is high for this type of top-shelf service.

You will need to make an important decision and it’s either going to be “YES, I need this service” or “NO, this is not for me right now”.

If the answer is “YES” we will need to get you signed-up (I can only help 10 coaches at any one time), not in a few days, not in a week and certainly not after you get back from holiday!

The demand has been HUGE for this service and I simply can’t hold a place for 2 weeks while you make a decision.

Here’s What Some of My Clients Say!

If You’re Ready to Grow Your Network and Generate Qualified Leads on Auto-Pilot; Book A Call Now

For those coaches who take lead generation seriously, that want results and are fed-up hitting their head against the wall, I’m offering you the chance to have me and my expert team manage every aspect of your Linkedin Lead Generation strategy for you!

Here’s Some Ground Rules

I only work with one coach per niche, in any geographic area; this is on a first come first served basis.

For example: I will not work with more than one business coach that operates in London. However, I will work with a life coach and a business coach that both serve London as the service and target audience is different.

Fixed Monthly Fee Only

I do not work on commissions or percentages of revenue etc; this service is a fixed monthly fee service that gets results. Please do not contact me offering commissions or revenue shares etc, I do not operate in this way.

Closing a New Client is Your Role, Not Mine

I will connect and follow-up with each connection for 30 days. From the moment a prospect becomes engaged and wants to discuss your coaching services, events or workshops etc, it is your repsonsibility to take charge of the conversation and close the sale.

I Do Not Own Your Connections and Leads

All LinkedIn connections and leads generated are 100% yours. You will never be charged to access them and I will never contact them or share your data in any way.

You MUST Have a Premium LinkedIn Account

In order to benefit fully from my LinkedIn Lead Generation service you MUST have a Premium LinkedIn account with Sales Navigator activated. Without this, I am unable to provide you with the service.

Here’s What Some of My Clients Say!