Five Powerful 1:1 Sessions to
Your Coaching Brand

The Credibility Coach® Kick Starter Program with David Sargant helps you to establish your unique identity and value proposition in the market place.

Here’s What Some of My Clients Say!

Hey Coach!

Are you fed-up of being just another coach on the scene? Attempting to get coaching clients by trying to be ‘all things to all people’?

Are you frustrated at not knowing what your main strengths are, or who your ideal coaching client is?

Or maybe you’re unsure of how you help your clients, why they hired you, and continue to work with you month after month? (HINT: how you think you help and how you actually do are totally different!) or maybe it’s all of these things and so much more!

In order to grow your coaching business you need to know who you are as a coach, who and how you help and stop with the speculative and scatter-gun approach to marketing (if you are doing any marketing at all!).

You need to develop a strong and unique identity as a credible coach in your niche — so you attract the best clients and opportunities.

If you can relate to any of the above the Credibility Coach® Kick Starter Program is for you!

Whether you’re a business coach, executive coach, life coach or any other type of coach – new or established —  my Kick Starter Program aims to help you establish your unique value proposition in the market place.

The program aims to equip you with the marketing knowledge and understanding you need to establish your identity as a coach, build your credibility, understand how and where you provide value to your client’s, and how to reach your potential clients online (and so much more!)

Here’s What We’ll Cover on The Credibility Coach® Kick Starter Program:

> Who are you as a coach?
> Are you credible?
> What is your niche?
> How do you help?
> Who is your ideal client?
> Why are you different from the next coach?
> And more!

We really will get to the bottom of who you are and why you are already a unique coach (and what to do about it!). Once we know who you are and how you help, we’ll bottle it up and create your unique and authentic brand together.

> How do you do digital marketing ‘the right way’?
> How do you provide value via your marketing?
> How do you find and reach a specific target audience?
> How can you automate 95% of your marketing and generate prospects and leads?
> And more!

That’s exactly what we cover (and more!) on the Credibility Coach® Kick Starter Program!

I look forward to helping you grow your coaching business!

Credibility Coach David Sargant

David Sargant,
The Credibility Coach®

“It’s only once we discover how your true identity meets the needs of your clients, that we can build a unique and authentic personal brand.”

"David has enabled me to focus on providing amazing value, while at the same time helping me establish my coaching brand as one of the leading business transition coaches in the world.

David is objective, clear, concise, and exceptionally challenging of myself and my marketing. He and his team are my secret weapon as they help me build and execute my marketing strategy allowing me to set myself apart from other coaches."

Peter Boolkah
The Transition Guy®

Peter Boolkah Credibility Coach David Sargant Peter Boolkah Credibility Coach David Sargant