So many coaches ask me about reaping the impressive rewards of hosting live events and workshops that I decided to put together a two-part podcast series on how to fill your live events and workshops.

Events are a great way to get coaching clients and build your credibility and for good reason too and in Part 1 we’re looking at:

  • Why Run a Live Workshop or Event?
  • The Different Types of Live Events
  • Defining Your Ideal Event Attendee
  • Choosing a Topic Focus for Your Event
  • Creating Your Event Transformation Statement
  • Drafting an Event Outline and Benefits

With a live event, you have a group of ideal coaching clients sat in front of you who are highly engaged with you and what you have to offer.

Providing you know what you’re doing, this is an extremely effective way to build your reputation as a credible coach, promote your coaching services, and get coaching clients.

Live events and workshops are not only a great way to get coaching clients and increase revenue, but also give you a valuable chance to engage with your potential clients and learn about their fears, needs and biggest challenges.

Through your coaching events, you can build trust, authority and expert status among your event attendees and your network.

This is episode one of a two-part podcast series on how to fill live events and workshops.

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