Hey all — if you want to expand your podcast collection, The Business of Thought Leadership podcast with Nicky Billou and Michael Palmer is a great one to subscribe to.

The Business of Thought Leadership podcast is about building your thought leadership around your expertise, your brand and your name. To become well known and highly regarded in the market place for the results you are able to produce for your clients.

Nicky and Michael have had guests such as success and investment coaching icon, Raymond Aaron, a personal coach to billionaires, Alex Charfen & Tony Robbins’ Director of Coaching, Marc Von Musser.

And this week.. yours truly is featuring on episode number 53 (sorry about that!)

I joined Nicky and Michael to discuss how to use digital marketing to get the visibility and credibility you need to grow your coaching businesses and how giving away your useful content is a great way to endear yourself to prospects which can lead to win-win opportunities.

You really should check it out 😎

LISTEN HERE > https://www.thebusinessofthoughtleadership.com/episodes/53

Credibility Coach David Sargant