Have you ever considered working with a group of coaches in a multi-coach coaching practice?

Maybe you’re even considering starting up a multi-coach practice yourself and are about to reach out to some coaches in your network about the idea.

Well in episode 13 of the Credibility Coach® Podcast for Coaches, we’re learning from my good friend and full-time business coach, Hugo Heij, who started out his coaching career in a multi-coach practice and six months ago he left the partnership and is now a solo business coach.

In fact, for those that don’t know, I first met Hugo when I first started out my career in the world coaching, thanks to being given the opportunity at a world-class multi-coach practice.

Hugo first featured on the Credibility Coach® podcast back in Episode number five when he was still a part of the multi-coach team, and today we’re looking at key areas such as;

  • What it’s like working in a multi-coach business
  • The challenges, benefits and alternative options to a multi-coach practice
  • The financial and lifestyle aspects to this approach
  • What Hugo wish he knew before he joined a multi-coach practice
  • Many more nuggets of insight, experience and opinions.

Before we head into this insightful interview today, I would like to let you know that this episode is sponsored by my Credibility Coach® Kick Starter program; five powerful one-on-one sessions with me, David Sargant, to help you establish your unique identity and value proposition in the market place, and put together a client-attracting marketing strategy that works best for you.

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