The number one reason you’re just not getting stuff done with your marketing, and your business in general, is because of your unwillingness to accept your Blatant Progress Avoidanceand it stinks!

It’s like you deliberately search for stuff to do, so that you have a valid excuse to not do what needs to be done!

Blatant Progress Avoidance

Blatant Progress Avoidance, a term I have become quite familiar with,  is distracting yourself with a fun, easier or more pleasant activity rather than doing something that is too challenging for you, boring, mundane and just not as enjoyable – and it’s completely self-harming you and your business.

Sound familiar?

Some of these so-called distracting tasks include reading books you really don’t need to read, attending training programmes that won’t help you, studying for certifications that you don’t need, hanging out in online and offline networking groups, and only working on the parts of your marketing that you understand or find more fun.

You’re Not Alone!

Millions of people suffer with Blatant Progress Avoidance. From the very top coaches, business owners and entrepreneurs — including people just like you and me.

For example, I am trying to write a book – yet I occasionally find myself putting-off writing and working on other shorter-form content, designing customer profiles, Facebook ad campaigns and landing pages – because I know that I truly excel in that area of marketing, and I enjoy it.
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However, I am now self-aware of Blatant Progress Avoidance and I know, ironically, how to avoid it.

Break Things Down into Smaller Tasks

Take the task at hand and break it down into smaller, manageable tasks –  then work through the easiest steps first.

So let’s say you’re trying to create a landing page but you keep blatantly avoiding it. You’d break down this big task into smaller parts:  Choosing the template, creating a headline, writing the copy, finding images, integrating with your email marketing tool, etc.

Remove Yourself from Your Comfort Zone

By removing yourself from your familiar surroundings and distractions (aka your comfort zone) you will be so much more productive it’s crazy. If you don’t believe me, check out what happened to me recently when I visited a new Starbucks in Islington.

Remind Yourself How Much You Want Your Business to Work

Why are you actually in business? Why do you want to generate more revenue?

For example, if you’re absolutely dreading writing your automated email campaign, open up your editor and just start writing – not because it’s ‘what needs to be done’ but because you’ve taken the decision that you want to increase your revenue and writing the first email will make small progress towards that goal.

Get Guidance & Support

If you don’t have the skills or knowledge you need, many business owners and entrepreneurs seek out the guidance and support they need from a coach or mentor.

That includes simply talking to a friend who has experience dealing with marketing or even hiring a marketing coach and mentor to help you achieve your goals and keep you accountable and on track.

When you learn to recognise that you’re blatantly avoiding making progress on key elements of your marketing, the key is to stop and take a step back — seeing things from a third person perspective.  Then you need to make a choice that is genuinely best for you and your business goals —  both right now and in the long run.

Be Accountable to Yourself AND Others

Let’s say you’ve finally decided to start working on your Facebook advertising campaign but you know it’s going to be a bit overwhelming for you.

A great way to get going, and to keep it going, is to tell a friend, family member, colleague, coach or peer that you’ll update them every day on your progress.

It would be even more beneficial to you if that person has some interest and knowledge in your business and marketing!


Credibility Coach David Sargant