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Hi there, my name is David Sargant, my business is known as Credibility Coach®.

My 1:1 Kick Starter and Marketing Mission Mastermind provides coaches with the guidance, support and tools they need to get the visibility and credibility they need to grow and maintain a successful coaching business.

I have been in the marketing industry for over 15 years, and I have worked on brands such as Samsung, eBay Motors and the England Rugby Team, but since 2014 I have been working exclusively with coaches.

Even if you’ve been a successful coach for years, marketing is changing every day.

If you don’t at least have an understanding of what is working right now, or know how to leverage digital marketing ‘the right way’, you’re going to remain just another old-fashioned coach relying on referrals, cold calls, and desperately trying to fill your programs and workshops in the hope that ‘the right type of person’ turns up.

As the Credibility Coach®,  I’m dedicated to helping coaches in every niche grow their coaching business.

My coaching programs, training workshops, speaking engagements, blog posts and my podcast have all been created with the sole intention to equip coaches with the marketing insights, tips and strategies they need to build, grow and sustain a successful coaching business in the 21st century.

Thanks for being here.

Credibility Coach David Sargant

David Sargant,
 Credibility Coach®

In 2016, after working in a leading coaching practice for 2 years,  I decided to dedicate my entire business to helping coaches use marketing the right way to grow their coaching business.

Here’s What Some of My Clients Say!

The Credibility Coach® Mission

I have worked and networked with hundreds of coaches both in the UK and over seas since 2014. I quickly realised that most coaching organisations and franchises are not adequately training or educating coaches when it comes to using digital marketing the right way.

Some coaching organisations would rather recommend third-party marketing services that don’t specialise in the coaching industry, than educate and equip their coaches with the most up-to-date, proven and relevant marketing guidance for right here and now.

While there are many talented, ethical marketing companies out there, I have unfortunately heard so many horror stories about so-called “marketing experts” and marketing agencies that have left a negative impact on a coach’s business. This angers me every time I hear a new story (almost weekly).

Yes, these bad experiences are a direct result of these companies and so-called “marketing experts” providing out of date advice, not knowing what they are talking about, or just chasing a quick buck with zero interest in the welfare of the coach and the long-term success of their coaching business – but the coaching organisations are to blame too.

As someone who has operated at the highest level in marketing for over a decade, this really gets me down.

It angers me greatly that such “marketing” cowboys are allowed to exploit good, honest coaches. However, the risks can be minimised greatly with the right marketing education and digital marketing training for coaches.

Not only do I want to help coaching organisations across the world to educate and provide affordable access to the most up-to-date and relevant marketing advice for their coaches. I want to help individual coaches access the best marketing programs, insights and resources in order to grow their coaching business.

The lack of guidance, clarity and up-to-date marketing education in the coaching industry astounds me, so I decided to do something about it.

In 2016 I made the decision to invest my time and money (and my whole marketing career) to helping professional coaches use digital marketing the right way to grow and sustain a successful coaching business — and so The Credibility Coach® was born.

Credibility Coach David Sargant

David Sargant,
The Credibility Coach®

Digital marketing is changing every day. If you don’t have an understanding of what is working right now, or know how to leverage digital marketing ‘the right way’, you’re going to get left behind.

“David has enabled me to focus on providing amazing value, while at the same time helping me establish my coaching brand as one of the leading business transition coaches in the world.

David is objective, clear, concise, and exceptionally challenging of myself and my marketing. He and his team are my secret weapon as they help me build and execute my marketing strategy allowing me to set myself apart from other coaches.”

Peter Boolkah
The Transition Guy®

Peter Boolkah Credibility Coach David Sargant Peter Boolkah Credibility Coach David Sargant