On the Credibility Coach® podcast today we’re discussing how to maximise the power of your webinars and online training using 7 essential strategies that will help you attract more people to sign up and turn up!

But not just any people: The right people! Ones who will appreciate your coaching skills and your solutions and hopefully go on to trust you and eventually become clients for your coaching business.

In episode #6 we take a look at all of this (and more!):

> How to Make Sure Your Webinar Topic is ‘Sexy’ and in Demand!
> The Proven Strategy to Double the Value of Your Coaching Webinar
> The Importance of Giving Away a ‘High Value’ Gift & How to Leverage It
> How to Create a Landing Page that Converts & What Tools to Use
> How to Use Your Smart Phone to Attract More Sign-Ups to Your Webinar
> How to Create Strong Webinar Promotion and Make Sure People Turn Up!
> What Your Webinar Email Strategy Should Look Like
> How to Write Clickable Email Subject Lines to Increase Your Open Rate
> The Importance of Promoting Your Webinar Even After It’s Taken Place!
> And so many more value-bombs!


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5x strategic game-changing 1-on-1 marketing sessions with The Credibility Coach®Here’s what you’ll cover:


Who are you? Are you credible? What is your niche? How do you help? Who is your ideal client? Why are you different from the next? We get to the bottom of who you really are and why you are a unique coach.


What is your personal brand? How do you differentiate yourself from other coaches? Once we know who you really are and how you help, we bottle it up, productize it and create your unique and authentic brand.


How do you do marketing the right way? How do you provide value? How do you find and reach a specific target audience? How can you build a lead generation funnel and automate 95% of your marketing?

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