Marketing starts with aligning who you are and how you help with the outcomes you deliver.


Marketing starts with aligning
who you are and how you help
with the outcomes you deliver.

“I Give Coaches Everything They Need to Plan & Action a Client-Attracting Marketing Strategy That’s Aligned with the Outcomes They Deliver”

Podcast for Coaches

The Credibility Coach® Podcast gives real actionable insights, tips and advice from experienced coaches and experts that you can use to build your coaching business.

Lead Generation

If you would like a consistent pipeline of high quality leads for your coaching business every month then my done-for-you LinkedIn Lead Generation service is for you.

Kick Starter

The Credibility Coach® 1:1 Kick Starter coaching program will help you understand your identity, communicate your value and reach your target clients online.

“Coaching is all about the client and your marketing should be too. Find out what they want, what they need and what they care about the most”

Here’s What Some of My Clients Say!

“Your clients pay you for the outcome you deliver, not your time.”

Can You Answer These 6 Questions?

What do You Have to Offer?
What do you excel at? What are your best skills? What is your coaching niche? Where do you want to focus? These are just some of the key areas I will help you identify.
What Audience do You Serve?
Who is attracted to you and sees you as a valuable resource? Who are you drawn to and want to coach? Who need the coaching outcomes you have to offer? I will help you answer these critical questions.
Why Do People Want Your Coaching Services?
I will give you clarity on why your target clients would buy from you and align your thinking with the value you provide and the outcomes your clients will pay you to deliver.
How Will You Communicate Your Value?
How will people find out about you? How will they learn enough about you? How will you follow-up? What will you say to prospects to turn them into paying coaching clients?
How Will You Reach Your Ideal Clients?
I can help you develop a marketing strategy and a step-by-step action plan that will position you as a credible coach and get you in front of your target market.
When Will You Start?!
This is up to you. Only you truly knows deep down if you can honestly 100% answer these questions with clarity and confidence.