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So, you’ve built your coaching business through hard work, dedication and your passion to help your clients grow…

…but the success of your business depends on getting new “coachable” clients on board.

When business is good, it’s great, but most of your time is spent on helping other people overcome their challenges. It’s only when business slows down that you realise you need to focus on getting more coaching clients.

But it’s hard to focus on marketing and growth while trying to keep your handful of clients happy – especially when you’re worried about paying the bills.

You’re constantly torn between a maintenance and growth mindset – while the coaching market continues to become saturated with more coaches and consultants competing for the same business.

This exhausting, stressful and isolated existence is not how to grow a coaching business and often means most coaches give up.

The Credibility Coach® Podcast for Coaches shares powerful advice, strategies, and “inside insights” for growing a successful coaching business – from credible coaches.

Jane Adshead-Grant

Master ICF Executive Coach


“Working with David has been invaluable. He possess expert knowledge and experience of marketing for coaches. David takes the time to understand what you most want to accomplish in your coaching business. His approach is thorough, meaningful and educational. David is world-class. I highly recommend David to support you in growing your coaching business, attracting clients and adding value.”

Martin Purvis

ActionCOACH Business Coach


“A great coach is someone who can ask simple questions such that their client gains clarity. It took David 4 questions for me to understand what I needed to do to develop my business and my marketing strategy and in the year since I first met him my coaching business has indeed gone from strength to strength. If you want to develop and implement a great marketing strategy and get the support you need, work with David.”

Peter Boolkah ActionCOACH Gazelles

Peter Boolkah

ActionCOACH & Scaling Up Coach


“David has enabled me to focus on providing amazing value, while at the same time helping me establish my brand as one of the leading business transition experts in the world. David is objective, clear, concise, and exceptionally challenging of me and my marketing. David is my secret weapon as he helps me to build and execute my marketing strategy, allowing me to set myself apart from the competition on the global stage.”


The Credibility Coach® Blog includes tips, insights and the podcast for coaches show notes – all content is related to growing a successful coaching business.

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#12: Stop Trying to Figure it Out on Your Own Featuring Napoleon Hill

There are so many moving parts to modern-day marketing -- it's not as simple as just telling people 'Hey I'm a coach and I can help you' (Although I really wish it was that easy!)


Our mission is to help genuine coaches build, grow and sustain a successful coaching business by building credibility and marketing themselves the right way.


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