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This 2-day workshop is for coaches who want to learn how to move people from cold contact to warm lead using an online marketing process known as a sales funnel.

The Credibility Coach® 2-Day Sales Funnel Workshop with David Sargant teaches coaches how to set up an automated marketing system that can convert web traffic in to a steady stream of warm prospects every month.

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I know there is a lot going on in your world right now… mainly around time management. However, an automated sales funnel can save you heaps of time and should be seen as one of the core parts of your coaching business’ marketing strategies.

No matter what coaching niche you’re in, imagine being able to move people from cold prospect to warm lead on autopilot — leaving you to focus on your events, consultation calls and… actually coaching your clients!

In fact, there are some coaches that focus the bulk of their efforts on perfecting their automated sales funnels and little else (me included). Once you have your coaching services and other core offerings in place, saving time and making progress is most often a direct result of the automated sales funnel itself.

Here’s What You’ll Learn on my Credibility Coach®

Sales Funnel Marketing Workshop:

> Identify the key components of a high-performing automated sales funnel
> Generate ideas for your own marketing funnel
> Brainstorm opt-in offers for getting people into your funnel
> Design the key elements of your opt-in page
> Brainstorm possible one-time offers for your funnel
> Draft your first automated email follow-up sequence
> Identify what you can promote in your follow-up emails
> Learn how to measure the effectiveness of your funnel

Plus, you’ll get worksheets, checklists and expert guidance to help you complete the activities in this interactive workshop, along with suggestions of the best tools and resources to make life easier for you.

Here’s what the Credibility Coach®
Sales Funnel Marketing Workshop Agenda looks like:

Day 1:

1. Introduction
2. What is a Sales Funnel and Why is it Important for Coaches?
3. The Key Components of an Effective Sales Funnel
4. Ideas for Your Sales Funnel
5. What are the Best Types of Email Opt-in Offers for Coaches?

Day 2:

6. The Entrance to Your Sales Funnel – The Opt-in Page
7. What are One-Time Offers and How Do They Work?
8. Email Follow-ups – What to Send to Your Email List
9. What Should You Promote in Your Follow-ups?
10. Is Your Sales Funnel Working for You?
11. The Best Tools for Creating a Sales Funnel
12. Conclusion & Key Take Aways

Credibility Coach David Sargant

David Sargant,
The Credibility Coach®

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“It’s only once we discover how your true identity meets the needs of your clients, that we can build a unique and authentic personal brand.”

– David Sargant, The Credibility Coach

"David has enabled me to focus on providing amazing value, while at the same time helping me establish my coaching brand as one of the leading business transition coaches in the world.

David is objective, clear, concise, and exceptionally challenging of myself and my marketing. He and his team are my secret weapon as they help me build and execute my marketing strategy allowing me to set myself apart from other coaches."

Peter Boolkah
The Transition Guy®

Peter Boolkah Credibility Coach David Sargant Peter Boolkah Credibility Coach David Sargant