Marketing Leadership for Professional Coaches


Almost Every Coach I speak to is making five costly marketing mistakes…and I bet you are too!



I help coaches figure out who they are, who they help, and what their unique value proposition is. Then we create brand visibility, build credibility and grow a successful coaching business.”

– David Sargant, The Credibility Coach®

David is objective, clear, concise, and exceptionally challenging of myself and my coaching brand. He is my secret weapon as he helps me execute my strategy to set myself apart from other coaches.

Peter Boolkah

Business Transition Coach, ActionCOACH & Gazelles

Working with David has been of great value to me. What stands out for me is David’s passion for what he does so well, coupled with his understanding of the business of coaching and my role as an Executive Coach.

Jane Adshead-Grant

Executive Coach, Ashvale Consultancy

David has helped me to deliver valuable marketing campaigns, strategies and resources. I am now in control of my coaching brand and I understand the direction of where I am going.

Hugo Heij

Business Coach & Speaker, Fluid Business Coaching

If you’re fed up of being just another coach on the scene, wasting time and money on speculative marketing attempts and you want to stand out and attract the right clients: I can help you.

I’ve worked in marketing for over a decade and I’ve dedicated the last 3-years of my career working with coaches every day.

I don’t just understand the challenges you face in business and life, but I understand your client’s too; that puts me in a very unique and powerful position to help you build your unique coaching brand.

Credibility Coach David Sargant

David Sargant,
The Credibility Coach®

“My one-on-one KickStarter Program gives you the clarity, understanding and confidence you need to be a credible coach and equips you with a bespoke strategy to market your business the right way.”

– David Sargant, The Credibility Coach®


5x strategic game-changing 1-on-1 marketing sessions with The Credibility Coach®Here’s what you’ll cover:


Who are you? Are you credible? What is your niche? How do you help? Who is your ideal client? Why are you different from the next? We get to the bottom of who you really are and why you are a unique coach.


What is your personal brand? How do you differentiate yourself from other coaches? Once we know who you really are and how you help, we bottle it up, productize it and create your unique and authentic brand.


How do you do marketing the right way? How do you provide value? How do you find and reach a specific target audience? How can you build a lead generation funnel and automate 95% of your marketing?

“It’s only once we discover how your true identity meets the needs of your clients, that we can build a unique and authentic personal brand.”

– David Sargant, The Credibility Coach®

"David has enabled me to focus on providing amazing value, while at the same time helping me establish my coaching brand as one of the leading business transition coaches in the world.

David is objective, clear, concise, and exceptionally challenging of myself and my marketing. He and his team are my secret weapon as they help me build and execute my marketing strategy allowing me to set myself apart from other coaches."

Peter Boolkah
The Transition Guy®

Peter Boolkah Credibility Coach David Sargant Peter Boolkah Credibility Coach David Sargant